Reactable Community F.A.Q.

Do I have to have a Reactable Community profile?

You don’t need a profile to listen to music, watch videos or share content. If you want to download or upload sound, you will need to join Reactable Community.

How do I access my profile?

You have access to your profile either from Reactable mobile or from the Reactable Community web page where you can change settings and access content.

Do I need Reactable mobile to use Reactable Community?

No, you can listen to tracks and watch videos directly on Reactable Community. You can make the experience richer by using the Reactable mobile app as some features are only available with the app. If you want to interact and get creative you will need your own Reactable mobile app.

What are Tables?

A table is the unique combination of sounds, loops, filters and controllers. With your Reactable mobile app you can create, record and publish your tables. Your tables are available on your profile page; publish them and they appear at the Community’s tables page.

How do I create a table?

1. On the Reactable mobile select "New table" from the Library and assign the samples to the loop players and configure all the objects you want to use with your table, like sequencers, oscillators, Sampleplayer etc.

2. Go to the "Current Table" page and save it, you will be asked for a table tile. You can change the artwork image too.

What are Tracks?

Audio performances of tables are called tracks. You can record various tracks from one table and publish them directly to Reactable Community or to SoundCloud. Your tracks are available on your profile page, the published one’s on the tracks page or compiled on it’s respective table page.

How do I record a track?

1. Go to the "Current Table" and press the "Record Audio" button to start recording.

2. To stop recording you have to go to "Current Table" and press "Stop recording". Instead of playing yourself you can also playback the performance in order to convert it to a track.

How do I upload a track?

1. You need a SoundCloud account to be able to upload tracks.

2. Go to the "Current Table" page and select the "Recordings" menu.

3. There you can play a recording, delete it or upload it to SoundCloud.

How do I link a track to the table?

Normally the track gets automatically linked to the table as soon as the track appears on SoundCloud. If it is not automatic you can link the track in the "My content" tab of your Reactable Community profile.

I uploaded a track to Reactable Community but it does not appear, what happened?

Your track might take a few minutes to pass approbation by SoundCloud.

What are Performances?

You can record a performance on Reactable mobile by pressing the "Record Performance" button. During the performance you will not be able to use the panels, but the rest of your movements will be recorded and can be played back later on the Reactable mobile.

How do I add a performance to my table?

1. Go to the "Current Table" page and press the "Record Performance" button. While recording a performance you can not use the panels, so make sure everything is configured before starting with it.

2. When the recording is done, go back to the "Current Table" page and press "stop recording". You will be prompted for a name for your performance.

How do I upload samples to Reactable mobile?

In order to create a unique table, start with uploading some loops to your Reactable mobile app, here is more info on how to do that: Please note that the maximum size for uploaded tables is 20 MB.

How can I upload videos to Reactable Community?

On your profile page you can upload a link from a Youtube video to Reactable Community. Video performances give your tracks and tables an additional, visually appealing value to share with the community.

How do I get involved in the Reactable Community?

You can either watch and listen to what others share on Reactable Community or you can participate actively by creating and sharing your own sound, and also commenting, sharing and liking music created by Reactable Community artists.

How can I share something with the world?

You can share tables, tracks and videos with your followers and friends on your favorite Social Media platform. The “share on” button is available on any individual table page and also on your profile page.

What can I do if something goes wrong or doesn’t work?

Please try again what you intended to do. If the problem still persists, contact our support team.

How do I get people to listen to my tracks?

Reactable Community is like other social networks: if you interact with others by liking, sharing and commenting on their music, others will get interested in the content you share.

Try downloading a table, remixing and sharing it again, and don’t forget to give credit to the creator of the original table so they can like and comment your remix.

How does Reactable mobile work?

Please have a look at the Reactable mobile manual.